Basic Quechua Verbs

Quechua English Español
kay to be ser
rimay to speak hablar
yachay to know; to learn saber; aprender
ruway to do hacer
riy to go ir
munay to want querer
mikhuy to eat comer
puñuy to sleep dormir
ukyay to drink beber
tapuy to question preguntar
suyay to wait esperar
rantiy to buy comprar
qhatuy to sell vender
qilqay to write escribir
kutiy to return volver, regresar, retornar
kichay to open abrir
hamuy to come venir
pukllay to play jugar
qhaway to look after, to observe, to look mirar, observar con cuidado
rikuy to see ver
atiy to be able to (can) poder
tiyay to live (at), to reside; to sit vivir, residir; sentarse
kawsay to be alive tener vida
tusuy to dance bailar

Last Updated: March 12, 2012