Quechua Audio Recordings

There is a severe scarcity of high-quality, native-spoken Quechua recordings available on the Internet. Since Quechua is fundamentally a verbal language, audio recordings are invaluable to the Quechua student.

During my time in Peru, my goal is to record as much real Quechua as I can. This includes everything from phrases and dialogs, to stories or books.

While I strive for the highest quality recordings, I lack high-quality recording equipment and the surrounding environments are often noisy, though I do my best to preserve the original sound and pronunciation while minimizing the background noise.

Audio Categories


Coming soon.


A collection of various stories in Quechua.

Kundur (The Condor)

A short tale about a condor and his girl. Read by Alain. April 18, 2012.

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